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2022 Online Course (self-paced)

FFT Focus Series: Intellectual Engagement (00-IE)

This course is based on the 2022 Framework for Teaching Guide and is part of our Framework for Teaching Focus Series, in which we examine a specific set of components to explain, unpack, and build a deeper knowledge of the Framework for Teaching.

The purpose of this course is to increase your knowledge around the what, how, and why of Intellectual Engagement.

This course includes:
-a one-year Teaching Channel Membership*
-the Danielson Group FFT Guide to Intellectual Engagement
-the Intellectual Engagement Observation Tool
-the Intellectual Engagement Self-Assessment & Reflection Tool

Certificate for 5 hours
*You will receive an email with information on your Teaching Channel subscription within 72 hours of purchase. If you already have a Teaching Channel subscription, your subscription will be extended one year.
  • Getting Started
  • Welcome!
  • Download Your Materials
  • Introduction to Intellectual Engagement
  • Introduction - Part A
  • Discussion: Defining Intellectual Engagement
  • Introduction - Part B
  • Discussion: Countering Barrier Mindsets
  • Introduction - Part C
  • Stage 1: Arranging for Learning
  • Stage 1 - Part A
  • Discussion: Your Identity
  • Stage 1 - Part B
  • Discussion: Planning for Knowledge Gaps
  • Stage 1 - Part C
  • Stage 2: Facilitating Engaging Learning Experiences
  • Stage 2 - Part A
  • Discussion: Modeling the Dispositions for Learning
  • Stage 2 - Part B
  • Discussion: Elements of Success for 2d
  • Stage 2 - Part C
  • Stage 3: Engaging Students in Collaboration, Dialogue, & Critical Thinking
  • Stage 3 - Part A
  • Discussion: Three Story Intellect
  • Stage 3 - Part B
  • Wrapping Up
  • Course Evaluation
  • Your Certificate of Completion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever